Upholstery Services

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We can reupholster your existing furniture, or make new custom upholstered furniture.
Totally custom, just for you.

Are you looking for custom upholstery services?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered {pun intended, and yes we use this joke way too often}!

Reupholster Your Existing Furniture

Do you have an existing piece of furniture you love and want to keep, but the fabric needs to be changed?  We can help you update it to suit your style and home – We’ll even offer you design advice so selecting the right fabric combination will be easy!

Visit our UPHOLSTERY PROJECTS page to see great photos of just some of our reupholstery projects.

New Custom Upholstered Furniture

Are you tired of going from store to store looking for the perfect piece and not being able to find it?  We suggest creating a beautiful custom piece of furniture for your home – We can create almost any size or style of furniture you need and are here to offer our design expertise to make the process an easy one! 

Visit our CUSTOM FURNITURE page to see great photos of just some of the custom furniture we’ve made.

Why choose us?

We are your design partner {and friend} working with you every step of the way, to make decorating your home an easy and enjoyable experience, no matter how big or small your project.  We make quality custom upholstered furniture and reupholstered pieces, which are handmade specifically for you in our studio.

With our client-focused design process and custom handmade home decor products, creating a welcoming and stylish home that is uniquely yours, has never been easier.  And sure, you could work with another designer or another sewing and upholstery studio, but why complicate things?  We can do it all under one roof for you to ensure a seamless {pun intended, again} and more cost effective process!

Just click the button below, let us know what type of custom sewing services you are looking for, send along photos and basic dimensions, and we’ll get back to you with more information and pricing.  Easy, right?