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We work with lovely clients just like you, who are looking to make their house feel more like a home!

Interior Design, Sewing & Upholstery – Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton & The Greater Toronto Area

What We Do:

We are a full-service design, sewing and upholstery studio. We’re located in Mississauga, and happily serve local clients in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Milton and surrounding areas.  We also offer e-services and ship products across Canada and the United States for those who could use our help but are not local.

We’re About Quality:

Everything we make is professionally made with absolute care. Each piece of fabric is cut by hand to ensure accuracy. We serge everything so that the insides have a nice, clean, finished edge and line everything that requires it – After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

If the fabric we’re working with has a pattern, we center the pattern and pattern match whenever possible. We pay close attention to detail to ensure all piping and nailheads are straight and done correctly.

We take pride in reupholstering your furniture. We do it right, by stripping off all the old upholstery, replacing old foam as needed, and making any repairs that are required to the frame or springs. By the end, you get a piece of furniture that is almost as good as new.  Take a look at our UPHOLSTERY PORTFOLIO page to see just some of the reupholstered pieces we’ve done.

All of our custom furniture is expertly crafted locally, using quality materials. We use quality Canadian hardwood that is dowelled, glued, screwed, and corner blocked. We use quality soy based foams that are always wrapped with a thick Dacron for a plush look and to increase the life of the foam.  Take a look at our CUSTOM FURNITURE PORTFOLIO page to see just some of the custom upholstered furniture pieces we’ve made.

We are a boutique-style custom home decor manufacturer, so we do not mass-produce anything. By keeping our upholstery and sewing production small and handmade, we can ensure that each item gets the attention that is needed to make the very best product possible.  We take pride in creating not only beautiful custom products but also quality products that will last!

We’re About Cost Effectiveness:

By keeping our studio a small boutique, we don’t have a lot of expenses that the big guys have.  We don’t have big fancy retail shops, or heavy marketing budgets, so all of the money you spend shopping with us goes into the quality of the product, not our overhead expenses.

Our products are made locally, so you are not paying for something to be shipped from wherever, you are just paying for the quality of products used and the artisan’s time to create your piece.

Design fees can be very costly, but because Switch Studio is owned by Staci, who is a designer, we happily offer you advice to ensure you’re getting the right look for your home.

Don’t get us wrong, custom made products are not inexpensive, they are an investment. The way we do things allows them to be produced in the most cost-effective way while providing you with the best quality!

We’re About Helping You:

We are your design partner {and friend} working with you every step of the way, to make decorating your home an easy and enjoyable experience, no matter how big or small your project.  Whether you need just a few throw pillows, your sofa reupholstered, or a full house redecorated, we’re here to help you.

We make quality custom sewn and upholstered pieces, which are handmade specifically for you in our studio.  And sure, you could work with another designer or another sewing and upholstery studio, but why complicate things?  We can do it all under one roof for you to ensure a seamless {pun intended} and more cost effective process!

With our client-focused design process and custom handmade home decor products, creating a welcoming and stylish home that is uniquely yours, has never been easier!  

We’re About Customer Service:

We take pride in offering exceptional customer service.  Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our TESTIMONIALS page. We think our client’s experiences speak for themselves.

We’ve also done lots of work while partnering with some big media names, which you can see on our MEDIA page.  You know that those types of brands are looking for the best, and that is what we strive for.    

We always do our very best to ensure total client satisfaction, each and every time!

We’re About Being Eco-Friendly:

At Switch Studio we do what we can to make the most environmentally responsible decisions whenever possible. We choose the greenest products possible for your pieces such as water based glue, natural felt, and soy-based eco-foam.

To continue our green focus, our bags and business cards are printed on recycled materials. We also to try to keep printing down to a minimum, so we do all of our marketing and communications via email whenever possible.

Basically, we’re like little green fairies that happen to make homes prettier too!

Learn More About How We Can Help You:

Want to learn more about having Switch Studio reupholster that tired piece, sew some new custom items for you, or help you design your perfect room?  Then simply click one of the buttons below to learn more about our design services, upholstery services, or sewing services!


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