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Hi!  I’m Staci Edwards, the owner and CEO {Creative Enhancement Officer} of Switch Studio.  You may have seen me chatting about Switch Studio on Breakfast Television, CHCH Morning Live, or on many different stages at places like The National Home Show, The Fall Home Show, and The GTA Home Show, just to name a few.

My background is in Design, and while I was running my own company, Staci Edwards Design Inc., I took an upholstery class and fell in love with it!  I started to do upholstery projects for friends and family, and it eventually just began to snowball into a full-time thing.  I had always loved doing crafty things and working with my hands as a kid, and I received my first sewing machine at the age of 11 from my grandmother, so this just seemed like such a perfect fit for me!

After opening Switch Studio I was being approached by clients mentioning that they didn’t really need to hire a designer or decorator for a large project, they just needed a bit of help to add the finishing touches to their homes to complete the look.  Seeing as the finishing touches are my favourite part of any project, I decided to expand our services from just reupholstering to all that we do today.  And yes, we still help with full decorating and design projects too, so not to worry – Basically no matter how big or small your project, we’re here for you!

I truly believe that everyone should have a welcoming, stylish, and comfortable home that they are happy to come home to, and I strive to help people create that every day.  It makes my day when I hear back from clients that they adore their items from Switch Studio, and that their house is feeling more like a home.

I would personally like to say thanks for stopping by our site, I know your time must be valuable, so I’m thrilled you’re spending it getting to know Switch Studio.  I hope that you’ll stay a little while longer, have a look around, and hopefully, I get to meet you in person soon!

Meet Staci

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