Staci’s House Update

July 17, 2017

Hi everyone – Staci here!  You may remember back in January I posted a list of things I wanted to do around our house in 2017 {you can read that post HERE}, and today I’m here to share some updates.  I hope to check in every once and a while, and more importantly, I hope to have some decent updates each time.  Today I’ve got a few good ones, so let’s get started, shall we?

In The Foyer

Foyer Decorating

In the foyer, we’ve done a lot!  We’ve installed the stair runner, got the new custom console table {designed by me, of course} in, new mirror and light fixture hung.  I’ve still got to do some styling and I’m waiting for a pair of custom footstools {made at Switch Studio, of course} to slide under the console.  All in all, it’s starting to look fantastic – Don’t you think?

In the Kitchen

Kitchen decoratingWe’ve also done lots in the kitchen – Mostly styling and this pretty pair of custom barstools!  They were designed by me and made at Switch Studio, needless to say. One of the greatest features about these stools is that they’re upholstered in a fabric from JF Fabrics, with Crypton Home, so they are 100% spill proof!  No need to worry about spills, which is a huge bonus, even more so now that we have a baby on the way.  Oh, and I’m loving the pretty nailhead detail, which ties in perfectly with our gorgeous Delta Faucet.

In the living room

Crypton Fabric

In the living room, we’ve not done much, but we have reupholstered the sofa in… Yep, you guessed it, a Crypton Home fabric from JF Fabric !  Basically, with the baby on the way, I am using Crypton Fabrics on everything in my home.  It’s like a super stylish form of baby-proofing the house.  It will be great to let my little guy enjoy our home without me running around after him saying “no” all the time because he can get things as messy as he wants, as I know it will all clean up well.

If you’re interested in seeing a spill test on Crypton Fabrics, check out THIS VIDEO of me on CHCH Morning Live – It’s pretty cool to see this magical fabric in action!

I’ve still got a lot to do on my list, but we’re chipping away at it, which is great.  Needless to say, now I’ve thrown the baby’s nursery onto the list, and that is taking priority over some other things, so we’ll see how it all works out by the end of the year.  Next project is the built-ins around my fireplace and the fireplace itself is getting a bit of a makeover too.

We’ve come a long way

Those are a few snaps of what the house looked like back when we bought it, and my goodness we’ve come a long way!  If you’d like to see more posts of my house updates, you can see them all HERE.  Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to being in touch with some more updates again soon!

Decorating + Design Services

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