Tips for reupholstering your furniture the right way

February 15, 2017

We’ve been chatting a lot about our design and decorating services lately {you can read more about that HERE}, but this week we’re getting back to basics!  At Switch Studio we often get asked about tips for reupholstering, because that’s where we started, so this week we’re sharing our top three tips with you, so you can reupholster your furniture the right way.  As you probably know, our three main focuses are quality, beauty, and meeting your needs, so today we’ll be touching on all three points to ensure you have the information to get the best result!

Wingback Chair Reupholster

Start with good quality

Reupholstering is not an inexpensive option, but it’s worth the investment if your furniture is good quality. A great way to start to see if your piece is good quality is to have a seat – If it feels good and the springs aren’t sagging or squeaking, then you’re off to a good start.

Next up, give it a shake – If your piece doesn’t wobble and if it feels solid, it’s probably in decent shape.  Another thing to try is picking it up – If it feels fairly heavy based on its size then it’s probably made of solid wood, which is great.

Keep in mind, the springs and joints can always be repaired, but know that once we start making a lot of repairs the cost goes up.  It’s always a great idea to invest in a quality piece, but at some point, it might make sense for us to make you a new custom piece, of the same quality.

The wingback chair in the photo above was in great shape and was very sentimental to our clients.  Needless to say, the outdated fabric did not suit their home, so we turned it into something the love again!

upholstery chairs

Get the right fabric

One of the best parts about reupholstering an existing piece is that you get to select any fabric your heart desires, but it’s important to work with a professional to ensure you’re getting the right fabric.  It’s not just about selecting the right colour, durability is a key factor as well.

Most people think that we start by selecting a pretty fabric at Switch Studio, because we’re so design focused, but we actually start by asking a lot of questions about how our clients live in their space. Again, reupholstering is an investment, so we want to be sure that your investment lasts for many years to come.

After we determine your durability needs we work with you to select the most perfect looking fabric for your space.  We have thousands of beautiful fabrics to choose from, so finding the right fabric is never an issue!

The fabric that we used for the chairs in the photo above is 100% spill-proof, so it’s not only super pretty, but it’s super durable too – Bring on the kids, bring on the pets, and bring on the parties because this fabric will be able to handle any mess!

Make It Yours

There are many things we can do to make your piece uniquely yours, so we really like to ensure we know what our clients are after.  We can change the look of a piece by adding, subtracting or tweaking any of the following – Fabric combinations, skirts, cushions, nailheads, piping, arms, legs… There really are so many different ways to customize.

Another special thing we do often for people with kids and pets is that we make a blanket for the seat in the same fabric as the piece – This is a great way to protect the seat from pet paws and kid spills, while still looking great because it blends in with the piece.  No more ugly towels or sheets on your seats!  Wahoo!

We customized the chair in the photo above by using our client’s favourite fabric, added a contrast piping detail, and painting the legs black to give a more modern look.  Needless to say, they are thrilled to have a piece that is 100% their very own!

We can help

And there you have it, our three tips to really get the most out of your reupholstering process! If you focus on the three most important things – Quality, beauty, and how the piece can work well for you and how you live, it will be a winning experience.  Oh, and if you’d like to see some more before/after photos, visit our portfolio page HERE.

We hope you enjoyed this post, and know that we’re here to help, so if you have any questions feel free to let us know by emailing us HERE. Needless to say, we’re always happy to provide you with a free quote, so if you have a piece you’d like to reupholster, just click the button below to request your quote.   Thanks for reading!

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How To Mix Whites and creams in a room

February 8, 2017

As you may know, a while back we opened up our inbox to our readers and asked them to submit their decorating questions. We received oodles of questions, and decided to turn the commonly asked ones into blog posts to help all of our readers!  This week we’re answering a question from Lynn, which we get often – “Can I mix different shades of whites, like cream and  bright white in my room?”

The short answer to if you can mix various whites like cream and white in one room is yes! Now here are our three tips to help you mix whites and creams in a room like a pro….

mixing whites and cream

Find one element to tie it together

Quite often you can find decor elements to tie the cream and white together. A pretty lamp with a cream base and a white shade, or a fabric with whites and creams in the pattern that would be perfect as a pillow or drapery.  If you can find one item that mixes both whites and creams, adding it into your room will help tie everything together and look well executed.

Repeat at least a few times

Another tip for mixing whites is to repeat it at least a few times in the space so that it doesn’t look like an accident.  As you can see in the beautiful bedroom above, there is a nice balance of both whites and creams, because each is repeated throughout the space a few times. If you had a room that was filled with all the same bright white and then added warm white or cream drapery, it would stand out and look like a mistake.  However, if you layer different whites and creams throughout the room, it will all work together beautifully to give you a well-curated look.

Select what you love

This is our most favourite tip – Select what you love!  The best rooms are curated over time with elements that you’re drawn to, things that make you happy, and goodies that speak to your heart.  If you select items by comparing their exact shade of white, you’ll probably drive yourself crazy, and it will be impossible to create a room that looks like it has evolved naturally. By taking a more relaxed approach with mixing your whites, you’ll avoid creating a room that is too matchy-matchy, and end up creating one that is much more welcoming, comfortable, and easy to live with.

Ask your decorating or design question

Do you have a decorating or design question?  We’d be happy to answer, just click the button below to submit your question….


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