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Hello there! My name is Staci Edwards, I'm the owner of Switch Studio, an upholstery and sewing studio located in Oakville, and I'm so delighted that you're visiting our site!

As a professional designer, there were always certain aspects of design that captured my heart from early on, and those were the relationships between form, colour, texture, and pattern. I've always been drawn to the art of upholstery and furniture refinishing; I remember redoing furniture pieces I salvaged from my grandparents' basement as I child - I mean, who needs Barbie Dolls when you have old furniture laying around? Okay, maybe I was an odd child, but that has helped to lead me to my true passion, and to the opening of Switch Studio - Hooray!

Today I'm happy to say that I can add a designer's touch to every piece of furniture that we redesign, refinish and reupholster at Switch, turning each of them into exclusive creations for our clients to enjoy. Whether it's a custom upholstery or sewing job, or an original piece available from our store, we take oodles of pride in redoing every piece!

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